The Girl, The Bread and The Yellow Truck

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The Girl, The Bread and The Yellow Truck

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Materials: Oil on Canvas

Size: 40 x 30 cm

Date: 2018

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This is a painting of my friends, seriously beautiful, all terrain living vehicle – a big yellow truck. It was parked on site near to where I was visiting one day. I photographed it with my friends daughter in the foreground. I thought she would make the composition more interesting, plus I have been meaning to create some art with her in for a while. I painted it in oils because I wanted to capture the vivid yellow paintwork of the truck against that clear blue Spanish sky and also because oils are so durable. I chose this subject matter because I have a thing for big yellow trucks, ever since my little brother let me play with his yellow Tonka toy truck when we were children. I yearned for toys like that of my own but had to make the most out of my bionic woman doll, who was similar in lots of ways to an action man.

I think this painting is ripe for discussion, if you would like to add your views in the comments…

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